Week #4- October 29, 2019


This week was pretty average. A lot of class and a lot of rice and beans. Im starting to gain more and more weight here its kinda sad. One really funny thing that happened this week is we were playing flashlight tag again and while we were playing flashlight tag we were shinning our light into another elders room and while we were shinning in the window he was praying and while he was praying he saw a pillar of light and thought that he was being visited by an angel but he opened his eyes to see a bright light in his face and he wasnt very happy so he turned us in and one of the kids in my district got in trouble and it was so funny. Another good thing that happened this week is we went proselyting in the times square of sao paulo and got to go up to people and ask how they were doing and asked them about religion and just got to know them and stuff and that was super cool. We would share a small message about the gospel and ask if we could get their info and come to their house another day and share another message. So that was really cool i really liked that. Im sorry my emails are so short i dont have a lot of time to write, but I hope that everyone is living it up, i love you guys and see you next week