Week #3- October 22, 2019

This week was pretty good. P day was super fun, we went to a burger place and had a real american burger and it was the best thing ive had since being here at the mtc. Because the only thing that we eat here is beans and rice. I love p days so much. This week was pretty original lots of class like usual and a lot of studying. Its the same thing every single day but its going by a lot faster. I cant believe that i only have like 3 weeks left in the mtc. This week we had trc and it was really funny because i had like no idea what the guy was saying i would kinda just guess what he was saying and then teach him based off of that. It was pretty funny. Portuguese is getting a lot better tho so thats good, i can hold a conversation with brazilian elders which is good. A ton of people in my district are falling in love with this one sister in my district and her name is sister palmer its really funny. They are all fighting over her and i love just sitting back and watching them go at it. On of my really good brazilian friends left this week and that was really sad saying bye to him because i loved that guy so much. Oh and at night me and the elders like to play flashlight tag where we shine flashlights in other elders room at night and it makes the elders so mad but its so funny. You do anything you can to try and do fun things in this place because they dont let you have any fun. Any who love all of you and miss my family so much. PEACE