Week #2 – October 16, 2019

Whats up everyone!!! Holy crap this week was wayyyy better than the first. The food is either a hit or miss here, every day twice a day is beans and rice with just some kind of meat and sometimes its gross but other times its alright haha. This week went by a lot faster too which was super nice haha. This week was a crazy one. On wednesday me and a ton of other missionaries were able to go to the campinas temple which is one of the prettiest temples i have ever been too, that was so cool. On p day here when you get back from the temple they let you go out of the ctm and walk around the streets around the ctm which is really nice because this place feels like a prison. Theres bars on like every single window here and its pretty depressing but im still having a good time. This week something pretty scary happened. There was this elder on my floor from mozambique and he has eye problems and is blind in one eye and can only use his other eye. While we were getting ready for bed one of the nights his other eye went blind too so he was completely blind for a time and he started bawling and was freaking out. So some elders gave him a blessing and we said like 20 prayers and it was one of the coolest experiences ever. Now hes doing a lot better but that was super scary and hes a really good guy so im glad that hes okay. There was this other elder from columbia and he is in love with this sister from my group and he has pretty much given his whole life to her. He gave her like 30 reals and a promise ring and a ton of treats. We call him cacharro louco which is crazy dog in portugese cause that guy is literally an animal i love him. The only thing he can say in english is “i love you baby” and its so funny. Another funny thing that happened this week is on sunday we were watching a movie and in the movie a chick and a guy kissed and all of the elders started cheering and an elder in my district turned to me and was like “dude this is like shawshank redemption when they are in the prison and they start cheering when the chick comes in the scene.” and i started dying haha. That made me laugh so hard. Other than that its a lot of time in the class and a lot of studying. Portugese is really hard but its coming a long. I went on splits for the first time with a kid from peru and we taught a lesson and he pretty much said everything because its really hard to teach a lesson. Anyways i hope everyone is doing good. I love you all, especially my family and miss them so much. My mom is the best, she got me a pizza and drink form this one place next to the ctm and it was amazing truely a life savor. Well until next time

– Cole