October 7, 2019 – One month down – haha!

Wassup guysss!!! i cant believe its already been one month holy cow that month felt so fast!! Haha jk this is just the first week but it feels like its been like a month. This first week was pretty good, we flew down to Dallas and then to Sao paulo and those were probably the longest flights of my life, but it made it better that i had Elder Mcdaniel with me so that was nice. We got to the CTM and they let us chill for a while and get settled in and then we had to go to the devotional and the president here is pretty strict hes all about exact obedience and the missionaries said that he gives the same talk like every day so thats going to be fun!! The normal day, is we wake up get ready for the day go to breakfast and then just go to class for like the whole day! We spend a lot of time in the classroom it can get pretty old at times but its fine. The first couple of days were pretty tough because they just speak portugese to you and you have no idea what their saying haha its pretty funny. When you talk to the brazilians you just look at them and then start laughing when they talk to you cause you cant understand, but its gotten a lot better cause now i can kinda understand them. Its been a grind just a lot of class time, I get my first p day tomorrow and they let us walk around the city which is way cool I cant wait for that. Every meal here is beans and rice and dont be surprised if i come home like 100 pounds heavier because rice and beans make you get pretty big haha. The showers are pretty nasty there are flies everywhere and its really gross but ive gotten used to it. Oh and when i was washing my clothes this week someone threw a pen in the dryer with all of my clothes so a lot of my clothes are inked but dont worry mom i still have enough haha!! My companion elder Rice is from Reno Nevada and we get along pretty good so thats good, but 6 weeks are gonna be long haha. Family i miss you guys so much you guys are the best!! I LOVE YOU GUYS. TUDO BEM

Elder Fairbanks