February 9, 2020

Man this week so much happened I dont even know where to start. Well we had transfers this past week on tuesday and we recieved the news that my comp would be getting transfered and that I would be staying in the same area and getting a new comp. So on monday night my comp elder j. Silva wanted to go say bye to a couple of families and julio and his family invited us over to have dinner with them. So on monday night we went over to their house and they made us some rice and beans as usual and some chicken and it was way good. We stayed there for a while and talked with them and then we had to go home because elder j silva still hadn’t packed yet and it was almost 9 haha.

The last night together we had a little party and bought some candles and ate some ice cream to celebrate the end of my training it was cute haha man I cant believe that I ended training already its crazy how fast time flies out here. But on Thursday morning we woke up early because we had to meet at the bus stop in BH to find our new comps. So we snagged a bus and went to the station and when we got there, there were like 50 missionaries just chillin. We went with the missionaries, got a small paper that tells you who your comp will be and you find your comp and you leave haha it’s crazy how transfers work here.

But I got my new comp and his name is elder Machado and hes from santa catarina which is a state in Brazil so hes Brazilian and speaks like no English haha. But hes a way good guy and he works really hard and we get along pretty well so that’s good!

We came back to Sabará together and got straight to the work, I was pretty much the senior for this week because im the one who knows the area and the people here. So this week was pretty stressful but it actually worked out really good haha!! one of the first lessons back in Sabará we met with this one family that we meet with a lot and my new comp and the dad of this family started getting into a heated lesson haha, I was teyijg to pay attention but it was really hard for me to keep up so i was just eating some crackers and milk haha. We met with them again on thursday and it was a lot better this time, they actually are progressing pretty well now.

This week we also had noite familiar with a family here in our ward, one night me and my comp didnt really have anything to so so we decided to go to this members house and visit them and when we got there they said that they are going to have family night so they let us in and we did a family night with them. I hung out with my boy Benjamin, hes like 5 years old and hes hilarious. It was way sweet, then after the family night irmão Afonso he ordered some pizzas for us so we downed some pizzas real quick and then left.

this week we found 14 new people which is a ton of new people for us so that was beast we had a ton of good, spiritual lessons with our new investigators and gave them all book of mormons!! We also had some good lessons with some people that weve been meeting for a while! Let’s just hope now they read it and receive an answer that its true!! We have a lot of people that are progressing pretty well and have a lot of potential, I hope that they keep going strong and keep moshing so they can really receive their own testimonies!

Man this week felt pretty long but it was a good one haha! Missions are seriously the best, especially when you just put your head down and focus on the work you forget about everything else in the world and only focus on helping others and serving Christ! Sometimes times get hard, but I promise when you focus on the needs of others and you strive to serve them, not only will you bring happiness to them but it will also bring so much happiness and joy in your life too!! I love and miss you guys and hope that everyone had a fantastic week!!

Go jazz and go cougs

Miss you too @eldershaddybanks:)