January 20, 2020

Well this week was pretty normal haha not too much happened. Me and my comp have been working hard to try and find new people to teach, we found some promising people that might have potential to be really cool but we’ll see how it goes!

Weve been meeting a lot with our friends Jean, samuel and lucas they are 3 young men that are pretty interested and have gone to church with us once. One day while we were teaching them, the dad came out and started listening to our message too and while we were teaching he just started talking about the weirdest things and he wouldn’t stop, I almost started laughing and then to top it off when we were going to say the closing prayer we asked jean to say it for us but he was too scared and we all waited for him to say it and we sat there for like 2 minutes in dead silence and then out of no where we said amen I almost lost it, it was so funny! But they’re actually progressing really, really well right now so that’s good:)

Weve been meeting with this one girl named Marcia the past couple fo weeks and shes been catholic her entire life and she just started reading the Book of Mormon and been studying about the stuff we taught her, and when we went there this week she had some crazy good questions, and we had a really good discussion with her about the restoration and we told her that if you really want to know these things are true you have to ask God and know for yourself!! I love that message, if you guys have any doubt about anything just get on your knees and ask God, and if you ask him with faith he really will manifest the truth to you!! I know that this gospel is true and that if we do what we are supposed to we will find so much happiness:) 

We had a baptism this week!! But it was the baptism of a members son, we we got the opportunity to go and watch him get baptized. Even if it’s not us baptizing, I love going to baptisms they’re the best! His name is miguel and he just turned 8, later that night they were having a huge party for him so me and my comp went to their house later that night and hung out with them and I ate one if the best cakes I’ve ever had in my life it was so good I was blown away haha! Man being a missionary is the best, when we got to the house they told us to sit down and rest and they brought over the cake and a bunch of food for us it was amazing. Me and my comp are just trying to enjoy it while it lasts haha. They even had cotton candy like what??

It was a pretty good week here the rain has started back up for some reason but I actually love it because if it doesn’t rain it’s just blazing hot haha!! I want to give a shout out to the big man bone!! Happy birthday I love you so much!! You are such a good example to me and I hope one day I’m just like you!! You have always been there for me when I needed you:) you are seriously the best dad in the world! I love you so much bro dont get too old on me;) and to my good uncle Brett I hope you had a wonderful day as well! I miss all of you and love all of you!! Peace!!

Week #4- October 29, 2019


This week was pretty average. A lot of class and a lot of rice and beans. Im starting to gain more and more weight here its kinda sad. One really funny thing that happened this week is we were playing flashlight tag again and while we were playing flashlight tag we were shinning our light into another elders room and while we were shinning in the window he was praying and while he was praying he saw a pillar of light and thought that he was being visited by an angel but he opened his eyes to see a bright light in his face and he wasnt very happy so he turned us in and one of the kids in my district got in trouble and it was so funny. Another good thing that happened this week is we went proselyting in the times square of sao paulo and got to go up to people and ask how they were doing and asked them about religion and just got to know them and stuff and that was super cool. We would share a small message about the gospel and ask if we could get their info and come to their house another day and share another message. So that was really cool i really liked that. Im sorry my emails are so short i dont have a lot of time to write, but I hope that everyone is living it up, i love you guys and see you next week

Week #3- October 22, 2019

This week was pretty good. P day was super fun, we went to a burger place and had a real american burger and it was the best thing ive had since being here at the mtc. Because the only thing that we eat here is beans and rice. I love p days so much. This week was pretty original lots of class like usual and a lot of studying. Its the same thing every single day but its going by a lot faster. I cant believe that i only have like 3 weeks left in the mtc. This week we had trc and it was really funny because i had like no idea what the guy was saying i would kinda just guess what he was saying and then teach him based off of that. It was pretty funny. Portuguese is getting a lot better tho so thats good, i can hold a conversation with brazilian elders which is good. A ton of people in my district are falling in love with this one sister in my district and her name is sister palmer its really funny. They are all fighting over her and i love just sitting back and watching them go at it. On of my really good brazilian friends left this week and that was really sad saying bye to him because i loved that guy so much. Oh and at night me and the elders like to play flashlight tag where we shine flashlights in other elders room at night and it makes the elders so mad but its so funny. You do anything you can to try and do fun things in this place because they dont let you have any fun. Any who love all of you and miss my family so much. PEACE


Week #2 – October 16, 2019

Whats up everyone!!! Holy crap this week was wayyyy better than the first. The food is either a hit or miss here, every day twice a day is beans and rice with just some kind of meat and sometimes its gross but other times its alright haha. This week went by a lot faster too which was super nice haha. This week was a crazy one. On wednesday me and a ton of other missionaries were able to go to the campinas temple which is one of the prettiest temples i have ever been too, that was so cool. On p day here when you get back from the temple they let you go out of the ctm and walk around the streets around the ctm which is really nice because this place feels like a prison. Theres bars on like every single window here and its pretty depressing but im still having a good time. This week something pretty scary happened. There was this elder on my floor from mozambique and he has eye problems and is blind in one eye and can only use his other eye. While we were getting ready for bed one of the nights his other eye went blind too so he was completely blind for a time and he started bawling and was freaking out. So some elders gave him a blessing and we said like 20 prayers and it was one of the coolest experiences ever. Now hes doing a lot better but that was super scary and hes a really good guy so im glad that hes okay. There was this other elder from columbia and he is in love with this sister from my group and he has pretty much given his whole life to her. He gave her like 30 reals and a promise ring and a ton of treats. We call him cacharro louco which is crazy dog in portugese cause that guy is literally an animal i love him. The only thing he can say in english is “i love you baby” and its so funny. Another funny thing that happened this week is on sunday we were watching a movie and in the movie a chick and a guy kissed and all of the elders started cheering and an elder in my district turned to me and was like “dude this is like shawshank redemption when they are in the prison and they start cheering when the chick comes in the scene.” and i started dying haha. That made me laugh so hard. Other than that its a lot of time in the class and a lot of studying. Portugese is really hard but its coming a long. I went on splits for the first time with a kid from peru and we taught a lesson and he pretty much said everything because its really hard to teach a lesson. Anyways i hope everyone is doing good. I love you all, especially my family and miss them so much. My mom is the best, she got me a pizza and drink form this one place next to the ctm and it was amazing truely a life savor. Well until next time

– Cole


October 7, 2019 – One month down – haha!

Wassup guysss!!! i cant believe its already been one month holy cow that month felt so fast!! Haha jk this is just the first week but it feels like its been like a month. This first week was pretty good, we flew down to Dallas and then to Sao paulo and those were probably the longest flights of my life, but it made it better that i had Elder Mcdaniel with me so that was nice. We got to the CTM and they let us chill for a while and get settled in and then we had to go to the devotional and the president here is pretty strict hes all about exact obedience and the missionaries said that he gives the same talk like every day so thats going to be fun!! The normal day, is we wake up get ready for the day go to breakfast and then just go to class for like the whole day! We spend a lot of time in the classroom it can get pretty old at times but its fine. The first couple of days were pretty tough because they just speak portugese to you and you have no idea what their saying haha its pretty funny. When you talk to the brazilians you just look at them and then start laughing when they talk to you cause you cant understand, but its gotten a lot better cause now i can kinda understand them. Its been a grind just a lot of class time, I get my first p day tomorrow and they let us walk around the city which is way cool I cant wait for that. Every meal here is beans and rice and dont be surprised if i come home like 100 pounds heavier because rice and beans make you get pretty big haha. The showers are pretty nasty there are flies everywhere and its really gross but ive gotten used to it. Oh and when i was washing my clothes this week someone threw a pen in the dryer with all of my clothes so a lot of my clothes are inked but dont worry mom i still have enough haha!! My companion elder Rice is from Reno Nevada and we get along pretty good so thats good, but 6 weeks are gonna be long haha. Family i miss you guys so much you guys are the best!! I LOVE YOU GUYS. TUDO BEM

Elder Fairbanks